Newion 4 Announcement

This summer we will close Newion 4, a slightly bigger fund, built up with all Newion characteristics.

Newion 3 is reaching the end of its 5 years investment period. For many months we are already busy with preparations for our next fund and today we can officially announce that we are in the process of raising Newion 4. The closing of Newion 4 is expected to be in the summer of 2022. After which we will no longer do initial investments out of Newion 3. This, however, does not mean that our Newion 3 investments will be left in the cold. We will continue to support our founders in their venture towards market leadership in follow-on investment rounds.

Newion 3

Newion 3, with an 85M EUR size, launched in 2017 and had a tight focus on early-stage B2B SaaS ventures with their headquarters in the BeNeLux, Nordics, or Germany. This broadening from BeNeLux only in Newion 1 and 2 allowed us to keep our tight focus while increasing the number of investments for the fund. We are still working on some deals that will come through in the coming months.

Newion 4

Newion 4 will have the known and proven Newion signature: Only early-stage B2B SaaS ventures in the BeNeLux, Nordics, and Germany. To achieve good results, we as a team like to pray what we preach to our founders: “narrow your focus and be very good in addressing that vertical.” The new fund will be 125M EUR large. Slightly bigger to accommodate for slightly more deals and have slightly more flexibility in the size of the initial investment in a company. As more investments mean more work, we are already actively expanding our team to manage the fund with full efficiency and efficacy.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or inquiries around Newion 3 or Newion 4.