Portfolio company spotlight

Why we invested in Prepr

Prepr combines the power of both content and data, to maximize the impact of published content and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

The rise of mobile-first and eventually omnichannel content strategies created an urge for a modern approach. As traditional content management systems were developed to publish content on 1 single channel, publishers started to look for more agile systems. A new wave of CMSs evolved, decoupling the content from its presentation layer, letting the CMS take care of its multichannel distribution (Headless). Where today omnichannel has become a commodity, many companies try to capture (first-party) data across all touchpoints to engage in the best way with their users and to provide excellent digital experiences. Prepr has an innovative vision on content management, adapting to this data-driven era. They believe the modern CMS should be data-driven: able to capture the right data, centralize data and deliver personalized content experiences, however by keeping the agility of Headless systems According to Forrester, customers are telling brands: “tailor our experiences everywhere”. However, inflexible systems did make delivering personalized content at scale still incredibly complicated and costly. It is our belief that Prepr is part of a new breed of content management systems, using a different technical foundation, making personalization a seamless process. We are very excited to support the company in its journey to establish a new category and become a leading player in the world of data-driven content management.

Interview with Jouko from Prepr (Dutch)